“Remember sixteen – when all the world was new and a lifetime stretched before you like fresh snow just waiting for your footprints?”  Peggy Toney Horton. This past Saturday, I ran 16 miles, for the first time ever.  The number 16 has significance in my life.  In a way, 16 has been a gateway number […]


“Why are you here today?  Why do you keep coming back?”  Jake. A couple of weekends ago, I went on a 3 day yoga/meditation retreat with my favorite instructor Jake.  It took some work/family coordination to get away, but I’ve been wanting to go on one of Jake’s retreats for over a year, and so […]


“For me, the challenge of middle age was not to stand still.”  Jon Katz Recently, I have been bombarded with running decisions.  I’m still a newbie in this game.  It’s really only been a year that I have become a more “serious” runner who has actively decided to invest more time in my running, mix […]


“Allow your acceptance of the universality of suffering to be a transformative experience.  You do that by simply looking at what pains you squarely in the face and then moving on.  You don’t have to move fast or far.  You can just go an inch.  You can mark your progress breath by breath.”  Cheryl Strayed […]