Best Of

If you haven’t been following the runsanity from the start, here are some of my favorite posts that will give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to join me on my journey:

Did you know that training for a marathon and being in a long-term marriage are quite similar?  Marriage the Marathon

Why running is my oxygen mask….  maybe it is yours as well:  Oxygen Mask

How running helped me overcome binge eating:  Cousin Binge Revisits

A recap of my transformative first full marathon:  Sweat, Tears, Sea

What do hand stands and marathon training have in common?  For the yogi….  Fear or Flight

How your relationship with your running shoes parallels with other long-term monogamous relationships:  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Who would you dedicate your 26.2 miles to?  Do you have enough miles to thank everyone you need to:  Mile Shortage


If you are a blog subscriber, and I’ve missed your favorite post, let me know which one you would add…..