BRF:  Best Running Friend

BQ:  Boston Qualify; to qualify to run the Boston Marathon based on a minimum pace requirement for your age group in a prior marathon

Fartlek:  Swedish for speed play; a training technique used particularly in running in which periods of intense effort are alternated with periods of less strenuous effort


Garmin:  A GPS running watch that helps you track your pace and distance

Half or Half-Marathon:  13.1 miles or 21 kilometers

Hill Repeats:  Run with high intensity up a hill, then do a slow jog back down, and repeat; helps to develop strength, stamina, and speed.

Marathon or Full-Marathon:  26.2 miles or 42 kilometers

Margarita:  A tequila based cocktail; guaranteed to make me instantly happy no matter how bad my mood is

Namaste:  A respectful greeting; I bow to you

PR:  Personal Record; your personal record in a specific race distance from 5k to full marathon

Runaholic:  Being addicted to running, to the point of requiring someone to periodically hide and lock up your running shoes to force you to take a rest day.

Runcrasination:  Coming up with excuses to delay your daily run

Rundry:  An excessive amount of laundry that must be done due to frequent running; necessary to do your rundry to have clear running clothes for your next run

Rungry:  Being incredibly hungry due to your run

Rungover:  The inability to move or get out of bed the day after a very long run

Runlines:  Than lines created by running tops and shorts

Run-O-clock:  The time of day that you regularly run

Runsanity:  Running to keep your sanity

Savasana:  Corpse pose in yoga, a pose of total relaxation

Sprints:  To run at full speed for a short distance or time period

5k:  3.125 miles, the distance in many charity and family walk/runs

10k:  6.25 miles, another common charity run distance

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