The truth*** is…..

When my alarm goes off at 5:30 am, I usually mumble some profanities

My car permanently smells like sweat…if you don’t like that, you’ll have to get a ride with someone else

When my kids were younger, there were many times when I questioned this whole motherhood thing

Now that my kids are older, they are collectively my best friends

I doubt almost every word and every post until the moment I hit the button Publish

Long runs do a number on my GI tract, giving me the runs and often necessitating some medication

One day I’d like to run in just my sports bra and shorts, not to show off my body but to feel the air against even more of my skin

When I run, thoughts, words, ideas, and possibilities start swirling in my head

On most runs, I don’t carry water even though I should.  I don’t want water bouncing around my waist or on my back or even in my hands, taking away any of my feeling of freedom

Growing up, the PE hour was the most dreaded hour of my day

Running in the morning is now my happy hour…..(and happy hour is my happy hour, too)

Even at 42, when I show up to my new running group and we have to pair up for our run, I go back to that feeling I had in PE of not knowing if I’ll have a partner…but now that only lasts a few seconds

I may expose myself in my writing, but I will never expose others without their permission

I run faster when I am in cute run clothes; at least that’s what the shopaholic in me believes

Today, I ran in a downpour at 7am….I’ve probably never been more soaked, I’ve probably never felt more alive

The truth is…what you see, read, get…is me.

***Now here is the real truth.  I spent less time on this post than any other post,  but I am trying to stick to my self-imposed goal of posting once a week.  After last week’s post on Amy Reed and the Slay Sarcoma 5K, I’ve been busier than usual.  This week, rather than my usual style post, I think it is more important that I give you some updates, acknowledge some of my supporters, and tell you why I had no time to write.

First of all, Amanda Loudin, a.k.a. Miss Zippy, has started a new podcast series called “A Runner’s Story” with UpDoc Media.  This is free on iTunes, and interviewing runner’s and telling their story would be like a dream job for me.  For those who don’t know her, Amanda is a mother, coach, runner, and writer.  In her first week, she interviewed ultra marathoner Keith Levassuer, who broke the world record for running an entire marathon in flip-flops.  I stalked her on twitter for a little while (you know how I’m an expert stalker), and it turns out that rather than calling the cops, she agreed to interview me about my running history and Slay Sarcoma.  The podcast has been recorded and needs to be edited and will be released sometime before the race.  (She has a few other taped episodes that may need to go first.)  I can not thank her enough for taking a chance on this newbie runner in order to share Amy’s story and bring awareness to Slay Sarcoma.  I’ll give you the link when it comes out, but until then, here is a link to her FREE podcast series and the interview with Keith Levassuer:

A Running Story 

Running Story:  Ultra Marathoner Keith Levassuer 

Next, Erin from the blog Adventures in Thumbholes came across some tweets I had about Slay Sarcoma (these tweets being to all of my 100 twitter followers, which is almost nothing in twitter world, but hey, I’m reaching the right people.)  She reached out to me to collaborate and wrote a fabulous post about Slay Sarcoma, signed the Change petition to ban the morcellator, and has been able to help me enlist some more virtual runners and is continuing to do so.  The basis of her entire blog is combining running with social impact.  Thank you Erin for your passion for what you are doing.  You can read her blog post on Slay Sarcoma here:

Slaying the Beast:  The Sarcoma 5K Run & Walk

After multiple emails to Women’s Running Magazine, they are going to be publishing a post on Slay Sarcoma hopefully within the next one to two weeks.  At first, I wrote them a more technical piece on leiomyosarcomas with some general information on the 5K.  They were not interested in that.  They wanted my personal story and connection to it, so I made some revisions to last week’s blog post and sent it to them, and they accepted that.  I’ll give you the link to that in the future once it’s available.  Hopefully, that will bring more awareness to Amy’s story as well.

Of course there are the blog readers and friends who have read my story and shared it.  There are those of you who have signed up to do the virtual run, and I thank each one of you who has done that.  You see, I could have easily just donated the money that I am using to sponsor runners to the Slay Sarcoma research fund, and that would have taken a fraction of the time that it has taken me to gather people and register them.  But that would not result in Amy’s story being shared.  So I thank you for reading and for sharing.  I know that the next time you hear the word morcellator on the news, which I guarantee that you will thanks to Amy’s family’s efforts, you’ll hear that news story in a whole different light.


The view from my windshield this morning when I was driving to my favorite run path in the rain

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  1. Paria, after a long day today I was so happy to read your “truths”. I have experienced all of them. I am so glad I am not the only one with a car that smells like gym clothes. I always have an extra pair of running shoes in my car and in my office desk, just in case I need to escape. It brings me so much peace just knowing they are there. 🙂 Go ahead and run in your sports bra and shorts. The more you can feel the wind and the sense of freedom the better.

  2. Running in the rain makes me feel so alive! And I would love to run in a sports bra and shorts and NOT think about my jiggle in the middle. #LifeGoals
    PE hour was also my most dreaded hour and the one class that kept me from getting straight As. How sad is that?

    Miss Zippy was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I am so excited she started a podcast!! When I heard that I practically jumped for joy.

    • PE kept you from straight A’s, yet I’m pretty sure you’ve run Boston (through qualifying and not charity). I was so excited when I heard Amanda is transitioning to podcasts – sometimes I love listening to those on my runs or while I’m doing a boring chore…and then to have her agree to do one on me talking about my friend’s 5K event, it was just pretty amazing.

  3. Love your truths!!! It is funny you mentioned that about the whole shirt and sports bra. There is this younger girl (25) in our run group and she has a perfect, no baby body. I mentioned to her about the jiggle factor she said we should embrace it. I laughed inside, I’m 44, three boys I jiggle in the middle. Oh well such is life. I would love to share the Slay sarcoma on my page if you would not mind. I am not the best with social media. Have a great day

  4. Beautiful! So honest and inspiring! Wow, so proud of you to run rain or shine!! Love that photo and yikes it’s dark and wet but you still embrace it!
    My favorite part is when you describe your children as your best friends!!! That stuck…so sweet!!!

  5. So, I have comments to 3 of your truths…

    Am I the only one who recalls you running in a sports bra and shorts already? Refer to last photo in Crossing Bridges post. I remember this photo because I thought to myself – “boy, she’s brave – I’d never be caught exercising without a top on, no matter how cute my sports bra looks on me!”

    Gym was my dreaded period too. I swear I was the last one picked whenever there was a breakout of teams, groups, partners, whatever. I’m trying to remember – were we not in the same gym class… ever? I wouldn’t have dreaded it so much if you were there with me. 🙂

    Does all doubt go away once you hit Publish? What do you feel after you hit Publish?

    I like this post because it shows me you’re still human – the good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy – as I like to define it.

    Finally, isn’t it amazing how many people you can reach by “word-of-mouth” and the internet to do good? I’ve been sharing this with people I know – “I just learned a new word – have you heard of a morcellator?” and off I go… “let me tell you what I remember, and I’ll email you some links”. Thank you (again!) for bringing this to people’s attention.

    • In crossing bridges, I was on the beach and that is actually my bathing suit…which consists of shorts bottoms and a bra-type top, so on the beach I feel more comfortable. I don’t think we ever had PE together, because then we would have automatically paired up and it would have made my life so much less stressful!! The doubt sometimes goes away with hitting the button publish, and sometimes does not….but mostly does. And when I go back and read the posts again a few days later, I usually think they are pretty good….they are me for sure…they are how I think and feel and speak….and those who know me well tell me that they can 100% tell that these are my words…. and yes, I’ve got plenty of crazy in me, and am proud of it. And lastly, I am so happy you are sharing Amy’s story, as the company that makes the morcellator used for Amy continues to threaten to sue Hooman and Amy if they don’t stop their campaign! Unbelievable!!

  6. First, I love all your truths and can relate to so many of them. It’s funny how the things that only we feel/experience are so common among others. And second, so much amazing work you are doing to raise awareness. I love Amanda – she’s such a wonderful person and kind soul. Can’t wait to check out that episode as well as the other great posts coming out.

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