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Not that long ago, I couldn’t run a mile.  Exercise was something I never had an interest in and couldn’t maintain more than a couple of months at a time.  Becoming an athlete was an intangible to me.  In March of 2012, at the age of 38, I started running with the goal of completing my first half-marathon.  Soon after that, running became my therapy.  At the same time, I read Kristin Armstrong’s book Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run, and found inspiration in her writing and the role running has played in her life.

Running has become my mediation; my time when I contemplate.  I spent my twenties and early thirties in a whirlwind of school, marriage, work, and having kids.  Before I started running, I was a happily married pediatrician mother of three, with great friends and family.  I considered myself strong, happy, confident, independent.  What I didn’t realize, was that I was drowning in responsibilities …in taking care of everyone and everything.  Now that I am running, I am still a happily married pediatrician mother of 3.  I have the same husband and job, the same friends.  But I am no longer drowning.  Running has allowed me to breathe.  I am more confident, I take more chances, my connections with those same friends are deeper, I am physically and more importantly emotionally stronger than I’ve ever been.  Running became the glue that seeped into all the little cracks in my life that I didn’t know were there, and smoothed out the foundation of my being.  This blog shares some of what runs through my mind during my sanity runs, along with some of my other interests which include yoga, reading, trying new activities, observing my children become their own individual beings, and building more meaningful relationships with the people in my life.  It demonstrates how my life on the run permeates every aspect of my being.  Once I decided that I was ready to train for and run my first full marathon, I began to chronicle that year-long journey to marathon here.  The result is Mom On The Runsanity, my journey to my first full marathon which I completed on February 14, 2016 at the age of 42. I never considered myself a writer, but once I started running, a writer slowly started to emerge as well.  Everything you read here, whether running related or not, has been “written” in my head while I’m on my run.  My run is when thoughts, ideas, and possibilities parade through my mind.

Shortly after starting this blog, I was able to get some essays published on various other websites as well. A link to all my work elsewhere, which continues after I stopped blogging about my personal running journey, can be found in the “portfolio” tab on the menu.  Currently, I have shifted from personal blogging to writing essays for publication on larger sites, frequent journaling, and who knows, maybe one day, a book will finally emerge as well.

More about me: I grew up mostly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2006.  While I never considered myself a writer before, I have always been honest and open; that’s the only way I know how to connect to others.

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  1. So glad you visited MidlifeRun today! You’re right – we share such similar experiences! Fantastic! I’ll be sure to follow your story … good luck on your marathon training as well! What a journey this is! Elizabeth

  2. Just a passer-by from Singapore! Came to your site after having read the 26.2 presidential quotes. Loved it. All the best for your first marathon! You’re an inspiration.

  3. Hi Paria
    I’m subscribed. Just discovered you through Vita. Thanks for articulating so well what running means to you, pre and post in your about page. Looking forward to all your thoughts. Xlnt on your 1st Marathon!

    • Thanks Amy…I’m not writing nearly as much now as when I started the blog and was training for my first marathon, but you can read through old posts (a variety listed in the “best of” page)… and I will continue to write new posts intermittently. Thank you for your sweet words:)

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